Living in Britain as a trans person you always feel perplexed as to why British politics and our parliament have so many fervent transphobes. Using made up narratives to push for the erosion of trans rights sometimes and wrongly in the name of feminism.

Britain isn’t uniquely transphobic outside of the political arena, it’s probably very similar to a lot of developed countries when it comes to trans citizens. Not to make light of violent transphobia in these countries and in Britain.

I and many have dealt with transphobia, yes, but most people I’ve come across, have never had strong…

Writing this I feel a pit in my stomach because lately I’ve seen an uptick of transphobia being hurled my way and towards my community. I pass like every trans person but like every trans person I get clocked (read as outed). I always seem to forget that the media, social media and the government can have such a huge influence in everyday society resulting in heightened abuse.

I remember how normalized bigoted behavior was in the past, and how it was inscribed into law, how people benefited from oppression. …

The World is Your Oyster Card: London Beat Poetry

I and my friend live in two different parts of London. Each far away from one another. I wish I could see her more but there’s a huge and jarring problem we face; Oyster Card fares.

Britain is small and London is smaller yet the travel here is so costly. A travel system created on a cruel system, the system of capitalism. Brexit! that’s all anyone can talk about. To me, Brexit is a sign of decaying capitalism like my communist group likes to say. This Brexit uncertainty might raise fares.

Aladdin, we all remember it as the 90’s animated Disney classic and the first to feature POC characters. As the leads. Originally a fairytale from the Middle East, it began its life as a oral story. A French author heard this rich tale in Syria and then decided to add the story in a book comprising of Middle Eastern folktales.

The story goes thusly — A young man is offered great riches but first he has to retrieve a lamp for a mysterious man. The lamp bespeaks great wonders. Holding a genie, who has the power to grant him three…

Black Panther has been taking the world by storm with it’s great representation of blackness. Is China; soon to be the biggest demographic of moviegoers ready for such a flick?

Chinese audiences recently flocked to see Marvel’s latest creation Black Panther and news is surfacing, albeit sensational. That the unapologetic blackness of the panther, has left some audiences feeling detached. On the popular Chinese social site, Douban, some claimed the flick was too “politically correct” Another Chinese reviewers dubbed the movie as “too black” to the point of drowsy-ness. …

Sky Gabriel

Here to bring the sweet sounds of worry! The Black Transwoman who is an anti capitalist, trans intersectional feminist also an aspiring screenwriter

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